01. He got an infection after cutting himself on a rusty piece of [metal] on his bicycle.
02. Many hockey sticks today are made out of [metal], and don't break as easily as the old wooden ones.
03. Man began using [metal] tools about 5,000 years ago.
04. An old man was walking along the beach with a [metal]-detector, searching for coins and jewelry.
05. For Halloween, she had silver [metallic] paint on her face and hands, and was wearing a really cool robot costume.
06. When my brother broke his thumb, he had to have a [metal] pin put in it to hold it in place while it healed.
07. My bum got cold sitting on the [metal] chair in the auditorium.
08. Satya Sai Baba once observed that man's many desires are like the small [metal] coins he carries about in his pocket. The more he has, the more they weigh him down.
09. The only known common [metal] that is liquid at room temperature is mercury.
10. In 625 B.C., [metal] coins were introduced in Greece.
11. [Metal] tools and weapons were constructed for the first time during the Copper Age, which began in 5000 B.C. and lasted until 3000 B.C.
12. [Metals] are often poisonous and are among the most commonly found poisons in the home.
13. Gold and platinum are the only two [metals] which are generally found in their native state.
14. Gold was a valuable [metal] in the native cultures of Colombia long before the Spanish arrived.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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